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Reply To: Quitum A800



1. No Response to Seizure means that when the Tenor tried to use one of the PSTN ports/lines, it did not receive dial tone and could not send the call out. This could be due to many reasons, such as the line is not plugged in, the line is bad or if the line has voice mail capability on it, then maybe there is a “stutter” dial-tone and the Tenor cannot recognize this as dial tone. You can test each PSTN line for dial tone from the Tenor’s CLI (through telnet) by typeing “test o 1” the 1 is the line number to test. It will then either come back with “Dial tone detected” or “Dial tone not detected”. You must also end the test by typeing “test e”. If you wanted to test line 3 you would type “test o 3”. This will help you identify which lines may be bad.

2. Cause 34 – This means that when the Tenor received a call it did not have an available port/line to route the call out of. This is a typical code if you get the message “No seizure” as indicated above. Another reason for getting this is if all lines are already in use.