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Reply To: VoIP Billing Systems


There is a lot of development and integration with database, I like the voicemaster it works for me, and I think it cost the money I paid for it.
So far I have been able to pay it in full with traffic generated on the platform and also get some extra income, at this point I am trying to get more out of it partitioning the box.
There are failures and bugs that get continuosly covered with new upgrades to the firmware but that is expectable, if you read carefully my postings were related to Sysmaster Support and the database that used to lock up in my machine, however that is not happening anymore, now for people that does not need a voicemaster or has the money to pay for one I would love to post all the information on radius accounting and asterisk management using Digium cards for them.
I hope that answers your question.
my question? are you a hardware vendor or a user seeking for help?