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Reply To: Tenor DX2030

About Quintump ports

About asigning phone numbers to Quintum ports.

I have not played with the ASM 400 yet, but here is what I think.

When you asign a number to a port,you are not really doing that.

You are asigning a number to the group of ports.
You could have a group of ports, like PBXTG 1 that will handle numbers 3310,3311,3312,3313.

When a call is received by the gateway to any of those numbers, they will be routed to the GROUP , to any port that is available.

If the first call is for extension 3310, the call could go to port one, giving you the impression that you hard asigned a port to a number,but that is not true.
If you make a call to 3313 when all the ports are idle, most likely the call will go also to the same port number one.

Workaround:Create one PBXTG group per port.
Asign one port per group.
Asign one number (3310, 3311,3312) to each GROUP.

That is the closest thing to asign a number to a port that you will be able to get.

If you need a number to have more than one port (dial 3320 for XXXX),you could attach more ports to that particular group.

TIP: If you use ISDN signaling between the PABX Meridian and the Quintum, you loose some flexibility.
Like if you wanted to create forced routing, where numbers on the PABX side will be sent out to the branches, you will be forced to use the whole E1 for one destination only.

By going CAS betwen the PABX and the Quintum, you will be able to create several groups, with few channels each, and divide numbers over diferent routes, like channels 1-8 to branch “A”, channels 9-16 to branch “B”, etc.

That is harder to do if you have PRI or ISDN link betwen the two.

Best luck!!!!