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Reply To: Wat is LDN (Public & Private) in A800?


can anyone help me to setup y quintum A800 to send call over IP using a pstn line????
I have just configure it to receive call and foward it to pstn line ( call ternination). now i need some one to call the pstn line connected on quintum pstn port, and be and be able to send the destination number in international format without IVR. if the tenor can mark a pause for a few second so that the calling party enter the destination number or send it when dialing the number connected on the uintum at same time immedatly. exple: pstn nuber on the quintum: 1234567
destination number to call in international format: 890123456 without international prefix
1st: dial at sae time 123456789123456 or dial 1234567 and wait a few second then dail again 890123456

Best regard at the communauty