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Reply To: How does a call know, where to go?


If the A800 is working on standalone mode (not registered to a gatekeeper), the routing is done based on a table called static routes.
On the static routes, you enter the I.P. of the providers, and what numbers or prefixes do you want to send to each provider.
You could also have multiple providers to the same destination, and asign diferent priority to each route, crating “main” and “backup” routes.

In order to know how the A800 will route a call, do the following:
From the Quintum prompt,type gk route and the number.

Example: gk route 12813041111
You are asking the quintum what will it do if a call to that number is dilaed on the ports.

It will reply to this command with the I.P. of the provider or providers that are set on the static route table.

To see the static route tables do the following:

config be#print

That will show you the static routes on the box

Any questions, write to

Best regards.