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Reply To: Ericsson Webswitch 100 P4-G4 transparent

Fractal (Dan Gauthier)

Yes, the two tricks I needed to know are: 1) extension numbers must be unique as when you place a call to a number via the translate tables of extension to IP, there is no extension number in the destination. It only uses the extension you dial, so all boxes that could ever talk to each other must have unique extensions. 2nd, the term “hotline” in the setup program refers to what I would have called “autodial” and is set on a pop-up window on a button labeled “HOTLINE”. It is possible to set up this configuration of direct connections between two boxes using only the windows setup program.

Thanks anyway, Gary. I figured it out via the “F1” help file in the windows app. I think that’s a first (a windows help file being useful).

I AM rather impressed by the G.729ab compression, the quality loss vs. 711 is barely noticeable except in music on hold and even then I’d call it twice as good as a cell phone.