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Reply To: change to VoIP – organizational tips??


Thanks everybody for the response, very helpful indeed! I heard yesterday that using VoIP only makes sense if the party you’re trying to reach also uses the same technology? Is that true?? I had heard about a technology referred to as “computer to phone” (e.g. as offered by SKYPE) that enables e.g. the use of a soft phone, connection via VoIP technology to normal phones … is that a normal set up for corporate customers, is it feasible?? Thanks again, much appreciated!! We’re in Taiwan, by the way and in case I hadn’t mentioned that before, we have a lot of long distance connections to Singapore, the US and Europe …

As for the headphone thing, we haven’t got sets for our people right now and I’d have to discuss with IT whether the current set-up would support those, but definitely worth thinking about! Thanks! Xpet.