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Reply To: VOIP trunking and network requirements

Noname (the old one)

We have a VPN under less than perfect conditions to Mexico.

The link goes down a lot, and by now we let the guys in Mexico move the VPN point from one provider to another, in a attempt to keep the service up as much as posible.

But when the link is up, with around 300 Ms or less, the voice quality is perfect.

Normally, we have 4 to six lines busy all the time.

It should work perfect with such a good network.

NAd unless you have some bandwith hogs, you may need the QOS to operate.

Best luck, and I do not have any opinion of sysmaster.

Well I take it back. I spoke with some sales people. I agree that theyare the pushiest one on the VOIP market.

Good luck!!!