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Reply To: Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>

MD Roach

Well… It´s been a long time since I don´t check this, i´ve been very busy and it´s interesting to see i´m not the only one choosing some solutions other than sysmaster too, that means that i´m not the only one that has had problems with them.
About what Bob said some days ago, well.. I can tell you that i´m working now and everything is fine, my VoIP bussines is really different than the mayority of the people that posts here, I´d be glad to let you try my solution but I´ts just not possible, I don´t sell traffic as many people do. About the billing comments I did, all I said is what option I choose, I cannot say if it´s too expensive or too cheap or anything like that, it just works for me, anyway everyone is free to choose what they want I just said what I choose.
Of course I also choose a solution for SIP server and everything else but I don´t want to look like I´m doing some type of cheap advertisement for anyone, like i think someone might i´ve thought I did the last time.

Thanks and good luck

Well.. hope you all can find a solution that works for you and that we all have learned who to do business with and who not to do business with.