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Reply To: Quintum D3000 E1 Euro ISDN config

Teodor Georgiev

Your config manager is the CLI.
Only sales and other dumbs use GUIs.

E1 settings (L1):

Law = ALaw(1)
T1 or E1 = E1(1)
Line Code = HDB3(2)
CRC = no(0)
E1 Framing Format = SF(0)
E1 Impedance = 120ohm(1)

ISDN (L2) settings:

ISDN Protocol Type = ETSI(5)
Orientation = user/slave(0)
DCh Num = 16
Ignore TON/NPI = yes
FAS unit = 1
FAS line = 2
link establishment = always(1)
Relay PROG = yes(1)