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Reply To: TENOR A800 & ATA 186


The configuration is very easy, you lamost do not need anything, except the basics:

1)Is the ATA on H323 mode??? Depending on the software image, a ATA could be H323 oe SIP.
Need to be H323 to work with a Tenor.

2) Find out what codec is being used byt the tenor. If codec do not match, you will not go trought.

3)Point the ATA to the Quintum, that is ,put the I.P. address of the Quintum on the field called “gateway” of the ATA.
That will direct the calls from the ATA to the Quintum.

Is my hope that the Quintum is a working one already, and you are trying to incorporate the ATA only to a working system.

Otherwise, you are in for a crash course in VOIP.

The good news: Unlike me, you know that it works before you start. I did not get that benefit.