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Reply To: Quintum DX with dynamic IP

Noname to RTFM

Dear colleague:

I agree that many things changed lately with Quintum, and I like the product so much that is the main equipment on my company.
But that does not erase the previus troubles that the company had,like:

1)Selling the Quintum A200,without a real support, except replacing the units with another one, that only brought diferent troubles.

2) Putting the manuals on the restricted area (and I did have access to it). What where they afraid of???
Where they afraid that people could use the manuals to learn about their products??? And maybe buy some more????
Extrange for sure.

And the other part. Some of us are lucky to have experience. Some others started right now, and could have questions that really should be resolved using “google”
But being agresive to the newcomers is not what this site is all about.
Three years ago, I was making the stupid questions,now I could pay back a little to the community that educated/helped me.

If the low level of some questions bother you, somewhere there is a site for advanced VOIP.

Best regards to all.