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Reply To: Quintum with E1, need help!!

Noname to all

O.K. i was able to decipher some of this jumble mambo.

The first number is the unit number (always one), and the second number is the indicator for PBX or PSTN ( Number one for PBX and two for PSTN)

The alarmas are clear, the link is up,but all the calls get rejected.
The ISDN log indicates always “unallocated number” .
I tried sending the area code +number, number by itself,nine plua area code and number, with the same resutls.
Change the “flags to national, international, long distance and local type.
But I always get the same pesky message.

I satrt thinking that the trouble is the phone equipment,but since i do not have a working config to look at , I am not sure.