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Reply To: quintum password recovery

Wilson Boyrie

Another trick:

If you do not know the I.P. address of the unit that you need to recover, connect the console and power cycle the unit.

You will see messages while the unit is booting up.
One of the messages will have the I.P. address of the unit.

Using a small router (linsys 4 ports), setup a NAT that incluides the I.P. address of the Quintum.

Example: The I.P. address of the quintum is

Setup the linsys with a NAT LAN of, and mask of

Give the router a public I.P. on the WAN side, and port forward the port 23 of the public side to port 23 of the “internal” ip of

That will give Quintum access to the unit from the outside.

Best regards and good luck.

Wilson Boyrie.