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Reply To: Need reference on VoIP Billing

Noname to Bob

Bob,sice you are using a sysmaster:

I was working on a customer gateway that gets the radius from a sysmaster system.
I noticed the following: After completing a call on the gateway (Quintum gateway), the radius sent a messagee when thew caller hungs up. That is suposted to go to the billing and deduct the ammount of the call from the balance on the prepaid aplication.

But I found out that if you send another call, using the same pin, right after the first call hungs up, that the Quintum gets a message with the full balance, without the deduction.

Looks like the database update on the sysmaster takes few seconds to complete, leaving the door open for fraud for few seconds.

Many replied that this is a far fetched scenario, but several of my customers found out this glitch on my system, and used it to their advantage, making two calls for the price of one.
And I have a small system, with only few users.

Why dont you give your system a test amd post the results??? I have the feeling that this trouble is more spread of what most people think.

Noname mike3799@yahoo.