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Reply To: Siemens EWSD ability to work



thanks for the reply. I’m aware of the situation and, concerning the traffic pattern I would say that the distribution over the traffic was quite normal. The traffic generated on those 4 E1s (120 channels in total) never occupied more than 105 channels simultaneously. Ususal occupation of lines were about 50 calls simultaneously at day time and about 5 simultaneous calls at night.

related to the rate of unsuccessful call attempts: when everything was normal we had an ASR of about 65% to 90%. Once the operator “discovered” that we “overload” its EWSD, he activated a Call Rate Reduction system: (we think the leaky bucket system of EWSD). Our ASR dropped to 10% – 25% (we got a high rate of unsiccessful tries). But with the “leaky bucket” activated the operator is now satisfied and says that now the system is not overloaded. We would like to understand could be it really related with some technical issue?