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Reply To: Billing solution for cisco


To VoIP Nut,
Thank you
as I understand you have a system up and running. If you’v got tima
please answer the following Qs:

1. Does your product provide Centralized Solution? Meaning: Can One Billing server provide billing to 3 deferent Gateways installed in 3 deferent countries (in case of carriers billing in particular)?
2. If so, please, describe the architecture. Here are a few assumptions of our own:
a. One Billing Server taking care of time delays.
b. One Billing Server and 3 Radius Servers.
c. One BillingServer and 3 Proxy Servers.

3. Can we have prepaid billing for carriers?

4. How a carrier gets authorization, based on IP addresses or based on prefix-codes preceding each call?