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Reply To: Softswitch or Routing server


Apreciated your prompt comments.

Now I know lot of prodcts are there to support me but I need to consider scalability and availability of the network.
Actually I like to know how to integrate a softswitch into my senario. I am considering following requirements for it

H323 VoIP Protocol
SIP VoIP Protocol
RADIUS Server AAA Support ( we have a RADIUS server already and new product should support it )
Built-in CDR Collection
Built-in Data Collection ASR/Counter
Proxy Server with Codec Conversion
Proxy Server with SIP/H323 Conv
Auto Codec Preference Negotiation
Max Number of Channels (IP to IP)
CLI Console
Terminal Console
Web Management Console

Built-in CDR Collection
Built-in Data Collection ASR/Counter

It is greatly apreciated if you can comment on my rquirement with which prodcts are cost effective and scalable for long run of my business.