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Reply To: Quintum A800 (Point to Point)

Noname to Saif

On gateway number one, you set a static route to the second.
The static route will tell the gateway where to route the calls based on the static route I.P.

One example:

config# be
config be# sr 10
config be sr 10# routename Miami
config be sr 10# callsig
config be sr 10# dn 1 1305* 0 1 1
config be sr 10# dn 2 1976* 0 1 1

With these commands, you are seting a static route from this gateway to a gateway in Miami, with I.P. address
You are instructing the gateway to route any calls that start with 1305 or 1976 to this gateway for resolution.
Be sure to save the config by typing “submit” on the config# prompt after you finish

On the Miami gateway, do the oposite area codes and i.P. address

You are ready to call from a to b and b to a.

Best regards.