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Reply To: Land Line to VOIP



The Combox isn’t the only thing you’ll need. It depends on how you want it to work. You want to forward calls from you 800 line (PSTN) to a location somewhere to your cell phone (PSTN). If you are looking at VoIP to do this there are a couple things:

– the call will come in on a “Landline” to the FXO port of Combox
– Combox will have a predetermined forwarded number (your cell) configured to forward the call to via IP
– The IP destination that Combox forwards too will have to be a Gateway (either Service like Vonage or others) with PSTN connectivity to call your cell.

How much does the Comboxs cost and can the average tech guy set this up?
yes a tech savey person could set this up easily.

Where can I get the Combox. I looked at he site and found that the links to purhase and contact to not work.
Contact Dave with Planet Telecom. go to and get the phone number. a Live person is always available.

Thinking about this further Planet Telecom has a service where you could just purchase a combox (roughtly 300+ US dollars) and use there network to forward your calls. talk to dave and see what he has to offer. I hope this helps, so if you find this not what you invisioned please let me know and we’ll take another stab at it.


Vurcos (a.k.a. Jason)
tell dave I sent you. He’s a buddy of mine.
Many thanks

Bob Raley