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Reply To: Telco Bill Analyzer

Kim C. Callis

Originally, I asked for information about either Open Source or Commercial leads. In Vurcos’ response, there was no lead to other packages.

First off, I am not sure where you came up with the idea that such a program has never been created, considering that I am looking at a demo of said program.

Furthermore, it is an understood fact that each market has multiple tarriffs in a particular market. That is not a real issue to that part.

The real problem is a price tag of $2k – $6K(US) that makes it very difficult for a small VOIP interconnect to purchase said software.

So to answer your question, should we want to make use of those hard works for free… Maybe yoiu should re-familiarize with the Open Source movement, and some of the goals of it’s products.

Then take a good look at some packages like Asterisk, VOCAL, Bayonne, and others.

And after all of that, I still don’t know if you have suce a product!