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Reply To: What’s your opinion on IP telephony?


in one way as we say “you bring water to my mill.”
Yes in certain countries it makes a huge sense not only a DSL, but even a modem connection, for example Asia and Africa.
The telephone calls there are so expensive , it is convenient also using a modem.
We have an IP phone that you can connect to the telephone line ( all our telephones do not need a computer) and works exactly like a normal telephone.
It connects to the Internet through your local provider when somebody calls you or you call somebody.
Of course the call is not 100% free, you have to pay the line till your Provider, but being a local call it makes sense for example if you have relatives in London and you live in Nigeria.
They can have the same phone and you can call them with a local call rate.

Regarding the Hot Spots, the distance you reach depends on the position of your antenna, and I can assure you the latest generation can reach long distances.

There are already a lot of hot spots in the big cities, some of them are public.

Some MacDonalds offer the connection for free if you consume a meal. Also some Hotels and restaurants.
It will soon be, in my opinion, like offering the air conditioning or some other added value service.
Intelligent people in the touristic locations already understood or will understand ,it is something more they can offer in order to win the competition.

If you were on vacation in London you would have a lot of public “Hot Spot” in which you could use your portable.

I can assure you there are a lot of people more optimistic than you.

We can also offer a 1.000.000 bit encryption as additional feature, but I guess it will be mostly for banks or people who really need unhackable calls ( it won’t be cheap).
I personally would’t care if someone listened to my calls.. I have nothing to hide, and, as depressing as it can look, my conversation is usually kind of plain ” How are you, where do you go, where do we meet…”
I do not think I would have many interested in listening what I say.

And if they are, well , let them enjoy….if that is enough…

Communism is not a nice idea, it is a different way of living.
It failed as in one way capitalism failed, because ” It is a humiliating confession, but we are all of us made out of the same stuff. Where we differ from each other is purely in accidentals: in dress, manner, tone of voice, religious opinions, personal appearance, tricks of habit and the like. The more one analyses people, the more all reasons for analysis disappear. Sooner or later one comes to that dreadful universal thing called human nature. ”
Man is not good and never will be. We are mostly egoist and self centered. We mostly and before everything think of ourselves.

Our society whatever political system you choose, sooner or later is the mirror of man.

I do not believe in Utopias, I believe in a world where people can call for free ( or almost).