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Reply To: What’s your opinion on IP telephony?


Although voice communications continues to dominate the landscape today, this will ultimately change as data communications grows at 100% per year, while voice only increases by 8 to 10% per year. Thus, the dabbling of major carriers in the packet switched voice (or more specifically voice over IP world) only makes sense to the extent that these carrier wish to offer a data network service that their data customers want to use for voice communications as well. For example, a multi-location user that uses a commercial data network service to connect those customer locations might want to gain some economies of scope by using that same network for voice communications, as well. It has been estimated that companies can lower their communications costs by as much as 80% by placing their voice traffic through the unused space in their data networks for a “free ride.”
The same applies to people who ALREADY have a DSL line for a flat rate, they can use the unused bandwidth for telephone calls.

Of course if the quality of voice is as good as in the usual way.

And it is out of any doubt that it would be stupid, at least at the moment, to make a contract for a DSL line in order to use it for VOIP.

It’s like if somebody would have a DSL line in order to use it for the downloading of illegal files when he is not even interested in music or movies.
In my opinion it would be cheaper ( and much less risky at the moment) to buy a CD once in a while or rent a movie.

The CD quality is 10 times better than a MP3 and the real DVD is not comparable to certain compressed copies.

In Italy last year the number of DSL connection upgraded 250% and they think the next year will even be better.