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Reply To: Quintum-grey to INDIA

Noname to Rajeev

My friend, as a tech with many years on the trade, with a lot of years working on third work countries I could tell you this: You are wrong.
The trouble is that the phone lines on the USA are installed the proper way. That means that every single pair on a cable have lighting and voltage dischargers on both ends. On the central office and on the field, at the demarcation point closest to your equipment.
When lighting strikes the cable (and there is no “if”, only “when”), the biggest part of the discharge is routed to groung by the outside shiel of the cable. Normally is a cooper shield, wrapped around all the pairs on the cable.
The remaining voltage or spike, goes to the pairs and “jumps” to ground trought those devices on each end of the wires,on the phone company location and your location.

On countries like mine and India, the wiring is done diferently. The cables are placed in rooftops, power poles and almost anyplace.
Since dischargers are kind of expensive (over a dollar each) ,most locations do not have any.
It is like having a long, tall antena strung all over the city with a “fuse” at the end.
That fuse, unfortunatelly for you was your equipment.
On the other hand, channel banks are normally used in tougher enviroments. The lines from a channel bank noramlly extends to outside buildings,poles where equipment is intalled at and things like that.
The are designed with higher tolerance to voltage and spikes because they need that to survive.

If you had installed line protectors on all your lines (analog phone lines), with a good grounding, the Quintum will have served you perfectly.
As you see, there is not such a thing as “damaged for no reason”
Overvoltages damaged the equipment. Instalation was defective.

And before the Quintum people send that bouquet of flowers, they also sell thay piece of @#$%%^ called the Quintum A200. That A200 is a piece of cheap faulty engineering.
I heard that they are comming out with a replacement in few weeks. i could not wait.