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Reply To: Web to phone calling quality


Try our calling service; DUAL Talk. There is information on setting up a Cisco ATA 186 for DUAL Talk at

In summary, make the following settings:

UID0 = [anything, but not 0]
UID1 = [anything, but not 0]
Gateway =
UseSIP = 0
AudioMode = 0x00140014
ConnectMode = 0x00060003
LBRCodec = 0
RxCodec = 0
TxCodec = 0
NumTxFrames = 1

Then, place a call to 123 to reach a recorded announcement. If you hear it, then you are setup correctly.

You then need to open a DUAL Talk Account to make real calls. We have many satisified customer using the service.

Please let us know if you need any help.

Kind regards,
DUAL Talk.