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Reply To: PBX’s

David Spalding

Hello dmck & noname:

Thnaks for the advice. As a matter of fact we do not have the pBX’s yet. We were looking at putting them together on a PC Platform using probably LINUX as the OS, Voicetronix, Dialogic or Brooktrout hardware and a good open source telecom application. We figured that this would help get the cost per port down as well as allow the use of any regular DTMF telephone and make maintainance easier. Above all is the cost per port and uniformity of hardware and firmware throughout the setup. We are looking at servicing about 200 customers at each town / PBX. Building the PBX’s will also allow us the flexibility to mix and match interfaces. Your concerns about the EMI on the coax will be seriously considered. If only we could find some cheap fiber.

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