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Reply To: PBX’s

David Spalding

Hello DCMK:

There are in all, five towns all strung out along a highway. Point to point is about ten miles. We do not have line of sight between all the towns. Some do, others don’t. We have not decided on what exact brand and model of PBX we intend to use. We are however very strongly considering a PC based PBX. This should give us lots of flexibility. Unfortunately there is no existing adequate infrastructure between the towns. The closest thing is aerial electrical power lines for 240v a/c and another for 33kv a/c. We are going to have to put telecom cabling in ourselves. One of the options that we had thought of was to put in coaxial transmission grade cable. Or at worst, coaxial double or quad sheilded RG6 or RG11 cable, with adequate amplification along the way. The other option would be dual strand single mode fiber depending on the cost). DMCK, what country are you in and what is the correct country code? Thanks.

Hello Nuriel G.:

Thanks for the reply. Considering that there are five towns in all. (Which you were not initially aware of) All of which are strung out along a highway in a linear fashion. And also considering that there is no internet service there. And assuming that we are able to put in our cabling. how then would it affect the possibility of using the Gateway and Gatekeeper solution that you suggested. Would every PBX have to connect directly to the Gatekeeper? Or could they be daisy chained. Also I presume for this Gateway/Gatekeeper)approach to work we would essentially have to set up our own WAN/Intranet, which we do not have a problem with. however would that involve th addition of a router/s. If so how exactly (physical topology) would the router interface with the Gatways and the GateKeeper? I look forward to hearing from you.