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Reply To: Using Cisco ATA 186 with Tenor A800

Ray Bingham

I live in San Jose, Costa Rica. I am using a VOIP phone( phone line using the internet). I want to connect my normal phone in a way, that I can dial from outside and get a dial tone from the internet line, on my normal phone. I don’t know if I am explaing myself.
I use the Voip phone to make call to the U.S. I have this system at home. Know if I could dial my home phone number from my ofice and get a dial tone from my internet phone line, I could have the benefit of calling the U.S. from anywhere. I will just have to call home and wait for that dial tone.

What I need is a somkething like an answering machine that will aloud me to get a dial tone instead of automated answering voice. I hope you undestand me.
Do you sell something that could help me? If not, please tell me a name that I can use for it. And maybe you could refer me to someone.

Thank You for your help,