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Reply To: Blocking Caller ID

Mat @ Blue Lava


There are a couple of questions here: Can you retrieve the CDR’s from a D3000 – Yes, Quintum provide free CDR collection software that runs on a PC. You can download this from the Quintum website.

The other regarding caller ID on PRI lines is a little more tricky. Essentially you should be able to ask you PSTN provider to block all calls coming from this PRI. This option is available in most countries (but not all).

As mentioned by joel and noname earlier is also correct – you can (in most countries) add a prefix to the start of a number to hide the caller ID. On a Quintum you can add this prefix in the LAM section under the PSTN settings. In the UK for example we add 141 on the front of the dialled number to hide CLI. It should be noted however that the Quintum doesnt like sending * to the PSTN if you need that in your country (it confuses it with a wild card).

Hope this helps – if you need a more detailed explanation feel free to contact me.