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Reply To: Looking for H323 Gatekeeper software


STOP!!!! Do not run away from gnugk yet.
Seriously, the site is a mess!!! Great for the person that likes to mess around with programing, but not for the normal VOIP tinkering guy like most of us.
All what you need to make a great gatekeeper with the software is the windows file. Believe me, if I did ,anyone could do it. You do not need to learn all the info in the place. The file needed is self installing and stay on the background untill you click on the icon. At that point your P.C. became a gatekeeper.
What made a believer is that I own a comercial gatekeeper, but it does not work with some cheap phones that I found. GNUGK works loke a champ, and it is free!!!!

The file needed to install on any windows aplication is buried on one of the links. They have a special name for it on the site, but nothing that you will recognize on the first try.
If anyone needs the file i could try to find it into my hard drive and send it.
It is small enough that you could get it as a atachement even on the free e-mails like yahoo.
And whatever you do, do not exp4nd money buying a “comercial” gatekeeper that only allows four gateway registrations to it.
Did anyone said QUINTUM???????