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Reply To: Voicemaster feedback anyone?



As someone who has used a Voicemaster for quite sometime, my simple advice is for you to do an upgrade to the latest version of the firmware. As Saul has said the latest version (2.0) is the most stable that they have had to date, though I notice a number irritating interface usability issues this version has that others prior didnt, e.g. the Logon window behaves erratically, the username box and submit button do not always get the focus when the logon window loads and when that happens using the Tab key to move the cursor does not work, this is replicated across almost all dialogs in the Voicemaster. Trying to cut and paste a value e.g. Account ID from one place to another do not work. These are just little examples of sloppy programming which i believe will be corrected in subsequent releases, the product otherwise does what it says it does when you understand and appeciate its complexities.

You mentioned using version 1.1, if you have a support contract with Sysmaster, just do an upgrade, most problems disappear when you do this, if they dont then at least you have the designer’s door to knock on, Sysmaster’s Support is a million times better than it was a few months ago. If you dont, then at least get a 8/5/180 support contract, that way you can at least discuss your problems with them when you have knotty problem that cant be resolved by posting on a forum, otherwise you wont get past their automated switchboard.