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Reply To: Voicemaster feedback anyone?


I have had a very rough story with my purchase but there are 2 ways to go on this, wether you just forget about it or you get the last mile and finally get your system working.
My applications are mostly wholesale, billing and routing, managing 10 wholesale customers, 8M minutes a month the equipment with version 2.0 works PERFECT, I do not have a single database lock-up, gatekeeper reboot or anything similar, I have learned of the limitations of my system and got to polish my knowledge also on what can be done and how this can be done, I will be more than happy to post-reply to anybody that has an specific problem with Voicemaster FOR FREE, I can spend yo to 1 hour with anyone of you guys and get thru your problems making your system work with the application that you are planning to run, make sure that if you do not have the available modules you will not get an inch further with your product, you can also log your comments or requests at is a Forum prepared to server specific Voicemaster Support questions and also Cisco and Quintum.