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Reply To: Voicemaster feedback anyone?


The saying goes “you get what you pay for”, the Voicemaster is an excellent platform and yes, if you want to operate decent services as an ITSP/ISP then you will have to invest the required amounts to get your desired capability. The Voicemaster comes OOTB with basic functionality and you pay for extra modules to give you better capability, as software upgrades, as and when you want. If you want to be cheap skates about it, you can invest next to nothing in QBill which pretends to be a decent billing software but is infact only useful, if at all, for small fries, then when you begin to take it through the paces its inadequacies then become painfully obvious and then you are back to square one looking for the decent billing platform that you wanted in the first place. My point is, the Voicemaster doesnt come cheap, but it properly positions you as an ITSP/ISP that wants to start small but grow without pains as your business expands. Along With other products from the Sysmaster range, over time, you can pace yourself and add modules and hardware to your operations without pains and at a reasonable price (when compared to Cisco)…..Moral of my story??…The cheapest solution usually turns out to be exactly that…CHEAP!!!!! So spend the money and get good value for it.