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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?

Bluestorm to MikeM

Yes Mike, thanks for the reply.Really appreciate it.I did test the setting,for sure its really hard n failed. Hope i can work with u on this kind of method. I`ve sent u the details in ur email. Below are simple diagram i used to test this morning:

ASM 200 -> Call via IP to DX Gateway (failed*) -> DX2030 -> Send to Softswitch via IP.

Cable attached- E1/T1 crossover cable from E1 port 1 to E1 port 2. (please let me know more on this, as i can see that im not very sure of my setting from the E1 port 1 to 2 and send it back to IP)

**also Problem happen between the ASM 200 and DX2030. Seems like it cant connect to DX at all and drop to CRG line.Please help. Txs