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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?


Hi noname

thanks for the response i really appreciated it very much. by the way i live in the phillipines and we have a company at the US. they would like to call either from Philippines to US and vice versa.

we have a country code of 63 and area code of 045 while in the US the country code is 1 and the area code is 316.

also the US side wants to call using the VOIP routing the call to a cellphone here in the Philippines

would it be like this way:

config# pstntg 1
config pstntg 1#lampattern 1 63045*

is the above command right?

by the way the VOIP always check the dialled number if it is in the E.164 format right? the number contains the country code + area code + local number, my question is the format of a cellphone number in our country is in the form of 0-9**-***-****, how may i be able to implement the hop-off on this one?…would it be also in the format as of the above command? thanks again…