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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?


I have an IVR system which is proprietary, and I use it for both PSTN calls and International calls like this: There is an IVR card slotted in a PC. This card has 4 RJ45 ports. I connect the 4 ports to 4 T1 cards. Users dial 999 and get a voice prompt to enter their account number. An account number like 123456789 is entered. Then the system says: U hv so and so minutes for this call (depending on destination), next the call is either succcessful or fails giving a busy tone. Both the prompts and database are locally resided here in my office

My problem is that even though I have 23 times 4 voice channels, with half (23*2) for inbound 999 and half (23*2) for outbound, the number of successful outbound calls have never been beyond 12. I know that most of the calls are failing. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is this normal or can anyone suggest a better IVR? Can a Quintum be connected to the T1’s and be configured to talk to my Database and Voice Prompts? Thanks in advance.