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Reply To: Your opinion about Quintum?

Honza Vomacka

>Please tell me the downside of using a Quintum, when it comes to accuracy in billing, echoing, call quality

1) Quintums and IVRs. On Quintum you are stuck with the several IVRs they have in the firmware, and the languages they support. If you want your IVR talk in Tamil, for instance, or if you want to have different IVR dialog flow – no way.

2) Similar to above. If you want (for example) to authorize your customers by IP address of their remote gateway or any other non-standard authentication scheme – the answer is simple: you cannot.

3) RADIUS accounting from Quintums has improved significantly, but still there could be some problems. For example our customer reported that sometimes accounting from Quintum call relay arrives 2 hours (!) later than the call was made, and sometime does not arrive at all (so the call cannot be billed)