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Reply To: IP phones at home



thank you for your interest.

Our phone will be able to connect to the NET through a “hot spot”, that means that for example, you are on holydays in Los Angeles and you check th map of the members’hot spots ( we will have one on our pages) you go at a distance of 500 meters from the hot spots , with our portable phone you dial the IP of another member, and wherever you are or he is you can talk for free. The important of course is that both are on the NET.

It will work exactly like a GSM, but instead of using a mast, we will use the people’s hot spots.

This will mean:

The infrastructure will belong to the people and NOT to the TELECOMS, you won’t have to pay any bill for using it.

The pollution will be zero. Do you know that the actual masts highly pollute the enviroment? Nobody says it, but we are like in a big microwave oven every day and the waves highly damage the brain cells.

I think these are reasons big enough to find a lot of enthusiastic members.
I already found some very eager to begin.
Of course the more the sooner we will be able to call all over the globe.

Our VOIP is fantastic, I can assure you it is better than the normal phone.

We will present our products on the ITU in Geneva from October 14th till 22nd and after that will begin to commercialize them.
I am making a page where the interested can pre subscribe.

I will contact them with the price, distribution and all the technical details.

If you couldn’t access my pages it was my fault, I did a few changes and overdid.

Now you should be able to access them.

Kindest regards