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Reply To: IP phones at home


HI Marcos,

what we offer is SIP compatible, but I am sure if you could try the quality of our phones, you wouldn’t use a Sip phone anymore.
You can use an Access point, to which you can connect any other device and you can use also the existing “Hot Spot”, which number is growing.
Our phone is a real portable phone that uses the Internet protocol, has a chip to compress the voice, other possible features as the 1.000.000 bit encryption.
The call with an IP phone over the Internet consumes maximum 20 K, wich for a DSL is almost nothing. I do not know if you saw my web pages at

I really believe in my project, I think it is the best opportunity we have to build a real “Telecom” that belongs to the people.

Look what happened in Italy ( I am italian) they built the infrastructures almost 100 years ago and with the state’s ( people’s) money, we paid for them a very high price every month and they still go on sucking and waisting our money.
We have to pay 24 Euro a month, just to be able to use the lines and then a huge amount for every telephone call.
And there is nothing else. If you want a telephone you have to pay the Telecom Italia.

Even worse with the portables. You pay so much for every call!!! And without considering that nobody says it, because it is such a big business, but we are living in a real “microwave oven” with all the possible consequences.

Most of the old people I know have ” Altzheimer” which was an illness I didn’t know existed a few years ago.

If every one ( or just 1/10) of the people who own a DSL line would build a “Hot SPot” and connect it to his line. It costs around 100 dollars and the consume of bandwidth for telephoning is very low. As I said, if all would do it, we would be able to call with a portable phone everywhere at cost ZERO. ( of course you pay the DSL line, but you pay for it anyway)

And we offer a real portable, and the quality is even better than with a GSM!!!

And you can do things you can dream of doing with a GSM.

You can tranfer music, pictures, in the future videos and anything, all at cost ZERO.

Don’t you think it is amazing?