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Reply To: Quintum 800


Dear All,
i have 2 quintum Tenor AS400 boxes,my company have 2 branches, in amman and london, we need to install these boxes in those 2 branches, i configured the 2 tenor boxes to make local dialing using the FXS ports, but what i am facing is that i am not able to oprate 4 extensions, since this box support 4 extensions on FXS ports using the provided RJ11 spillter cable..can you help me in this, i wana know how can i configure these 2 boxes to provide local dialling or publice for 4 extensions?
i appreciate your help alot and i am ready for any kind of help concerning cisco secrutiy since i am CCSP (cisco certified security professional) ASA,IPS,CSA..etc..
u can email me on:
waiting to hear from u..