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Reply To: tenor A800


Hello friends,

I have been using Tenor A800 since two years. All of a sudden I have ran into a trouble when configuring the IP address. As soon as I configured the Ip address and submit the changes, I sent a reboot and since then I was unable to get a prompt. It seems that the firmware has a problem as it is mentioned on the Quintum Website.

I have the updated version but the only problem I am in is that I cannot have a ready state of the A800. It keeps resetting after displaying

Serial channels will use a baud rate of 38400

After board is reset, start-up code will wait 3 seconds
To change any of this, press the key within 3 seconds
Updating parameter storage. This may take a while…Done”

I tried to hit Enter key many a times but it seems it does not respond to it and proceeds.

If any of the Technical experts can get me some clue to get to a point at which I can upgrade its firmware I shall be very grateful.

With Kindest Regards

M.Riaz Malik