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Reply To: tenor A800


There are no PPOE options on the NORMAL cli menu.

The only place where you could put the username and password is trought the console cable when the unit is booting up.
Connect the cable, setup the PC and reboot the unit.
The menu will ask if you want to do do setup or something similar.
Enable PPOE, password and username.
It works like a champ, even on changing I.P. several times a day.
The best modem to have with the Quintum is the Alcatel speed touch,home or PRO model.

You could get the ADSL modem out of ebay for $20-$40 dollars anytime and have even some spare.
Be aware: The unit will not even give you dial tone until it gets a proper registration with the provider.
Once the regitration gets done, the unit will give you dial tone and you are ready to pass calls.
I found out that the best way to send calls to other Quintum gateways is not bother with the gatekeeper. Use the border element function instead.

Point the unit on ADSL to the border element of the one on a static I.P. address. Lot more reliable than registration and “tracks” like a champ.

Best luck!!!

The original Noname.