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Reply To: 2nd dail (quintum)


sir Mike,

I have this problem that has an evlog of:

EXCP : 0:**** SYSTEM RESET! RESTARTING (0x80000000, IP=0x7e92ba64) ****
EXCP : 179:Idle Reference Count = 128151
EXCP : 226:Started CDR manager. Initializing CDR data, session number = 1073751696.
EXCP : 232:VManagerProc(L7): failed to create translator
EXCP : 835883:Link seems to be down (0)
EXCP : 835983:Link seems to be down (1)
EXCP : 2094083:Link seems to be down (0)
EXCP : 2440283:Link seems to be down (0)

what could this mean?
the callls on the cdr could not last even a minute….pls. help.