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Reply To: 2nd dail (quintum)


Get a cable from the console port of the gateway to the RS232 port of the computer.

Using hyperterminal,or any communications software, setup your port to 38400,no parity, eight bits and 1 stop bit.

Pres enter several times and you will be on the prompt.

Enter your password

Enter the I.P. address, mask and default gateway information.

Save the settings by typing “submit” at the main prompt.

Reboot the box, connect to the network, now you could telent to the box from any P.C. on the network

If you need the PDF files with the manual, I will be glad to send it.
Be sure that you have enough room on your e-mail account. It will be around 3 mb file.

Write to and I will reply with the manual.

Best regards.