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Reply To: 2nd dail (quintum)

Mat @ Blue Lava

Hi William,

Regarding the SNMP issue: It is possible to monitor the Tenor A800 using HP OpenView and also other compatible products such as Network Gold etc. A copy of the MIBs are downloadable on the Quintum website.

Your question regarding the changing of prefixes regarding the route is a little more tricky. It’s a feature that is readily available on the new series of Quintum products as they are based on the CMS operating system. This allows you to tie dial plans to trunk groups and trunk groups to routes etc. Unfortunately on the series 1 products this is not available.

All is not lost though !! Some more advanced gatekeepers will carry out the number manipulation for you. We use a SysMaster GateKeeper in our carrier operation and that is responsible for the adding and stripping of digits depending on the route. I’m sure that there are other products out there as well that perform the same task – comments please….

Hope this helps in some way.

Mat –