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Reply To: Setting up small point to point carrier

Noname to Moya

Dooonnttttt buy a Quintum A200 ,unless,you like pain and suffering.
They are about to ditch the A200 and come out with their own version.
You see ,the Quintum A200 is not really Quintum, is somebody else box with a Quintum sticker.
They are weeks away from releasing their own version,something built by them and they will have access to the code.
As right now, Quintum could not do much at all to the A200. They are not Cisco compatible, and all the help that you get from Quintum is very basic or a replacement unit.

Billing too expensive: There are packages (O.K.,they are very basic) that will go for around 1k.
Is that worth all the trouble of getting the CDR ‘s and get the wheel re-invented??
Only if you are really good at it!!

Good luck!!!