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Reply To: Setting up small point to point carrier


Hi Dave,

Thanks for such a prompt and informative response.
I didn’t know that the A800 had a CDR server so I was including the PBX in order to get the CDRs from it.

I assume that the CDRs from the A800 are in plain text format (ASCII) and somehow delimited, so I will try to parse the file, feed it to a database, and then create a Website using the database as a source. I know that I’ll be reinventing the wheel, but I don’t seem to have a choice since billing packages are so expensive. The other solution is to find a Radius server that will be able to handle the VoIP traffic, but I will still have to manipulate the output to do my own billing. Does it seem like a good solution to you? Any suggestions?

I did see a couple of A800 at eBay, and was tempted to buy them but I did realize that, al least at the beginning, I will need all the documentation and support that I can get from buying a new unit. I’ve already began calling a few companies in order to get a new A800 and perhaps a couple of A200s and A400s as well.

Thanks again,