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Reply To: Why You Can Stick To iEnsemble! Gateway


nquiring about: ¡Ensemble

identifications: iEnsemble! ID 000549 iEnsemble! MAC Address 00-02-F5-00-01-7C iEnsemble! Model iEnsemble!-A Firmware Version 1.5.0 Mother Board Version 1.00 Daughter Board Version 1.01 Release Date

2002-07-05 Current IP Address

Dear Sir,

How are you? I am from Azerbaijan I have 2 ¡Ensemble perripherials. i put one to Dubai office and another here in Azerbaijan. I configured ¡Ensemble but I have some questions.

1 how can I make international calls from your provider? can you give us counter to test connectivity? to transfer money? when i open ¡Ensemble via web there is no net2phone menu how to solve it?

3. upgrade to 1,5, to 1.6 frimware how?

Best regards and thanks,


Azersun Holding