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Reply To: Why You Can Stick To iEnsemble! Gateway

iEnsemble! Supporter

Hi, everyone ! Yes, I am an iE! supporter 🙂 , otherwise I won’t use so many time to post my experience and viewpoint at here;

First, we should say that the last iE! firmware released by VIVE ( 1.4.4 ?? Oct , 2001 ) is still not so stable, but the good news is : The new company FlashLine Inc. who took over all VIVE’s business from March, 2002 just released a new version 1.5.0 recently, which is quite rubust and stable, and is FREE to upgrade even you are VIVE’s old customers ( also soon they will provide FREE support forum system [post your problems and they will answer your questions on the forum] on their web site, but seems no direct SUPPORT [phone call or email] if you are VIVE’s old customers except you purchase additional support package) ; So why not contact to this company now to get an update asap? I can sure you won’t feel disappointed with the performance of their new version; NOTE: in the new firmware some unimportant features were removed like “ support, Dial-up connection support” etc., so you’d better get to know more about what’s existed in this version before the upgrade;

I feel FlashLine Inc. is a serious company which is totally different from the old VIVE Synergies Inc., in the first time after bought the VIVE back they promised that they will only delivery GOOD product to their customers, you will believe what they said after trying their first released iE! version;

Hi guys, I just want to share some informations with you, tell you something different and exciting things, so PLEASE, don’t tell me any complaint about your problems when using the old VIVE firmware any more, Why don’t you try the new company’s firmware first and then complain if the problems are still there? I am just interested to share experience from you regarding the new company, I have change to use their under testing new firmware month ago, it really change the iE! to a new and very good voip gateway;

My opinions are : why not go ahead to get something update from the new company but keep complaining the old VIVE’s product at here? Does this fix your problems? You should feel happy because with the new company appear, you can save your investment and use this VOIP gateway again to save/win more money for youself or for your business;

Regarding detecting the Call Progress Tone, my experience is : if you set the right parameters for High Freq/Low Freq/On1/Off1/On2/Off2/Total Energy Threshold/Low Energy Threshold/Twist from the web site according to your country’s PSTN ( or your PBX) Call Progress Tone specifications , you won’t meet problems in the new firmware;

As my test, in new firmware, most of settings are work on the fly, means you just change it on the web, and new settings work without restart the box, like compiling the script, change script number , change codec etc.

By the way, I found you can terminal a FXS/FXO call or an IP call manually in new version now;

I didn’t use Billing system by myself, but the new company said they improved the iE! billing module a lot;

In the end, why I know they use AudioCodes chip? Any one can know the Codec chip brand if you just opened the box, I also know they use PowerPC as the CPU 🙂

Sorry I have no time to convience you regarding each subject you mentioned, I hope all guys see this post understand what I am saying and will feel better when see his iEnsemble box ^_^, good luck !