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Reply To: Why You Can Stick To iEnsemble! Gateway

Kang Zeng

When time comes to today the iEnsemble! finally become a mature VOIP Gateway with high flexibility and stability with their new firmware;

I don’t know how Nasir get the result “It hangs a lot, Call get stuck, 80% it was not working…” but I believe the former iEnsemble! owners who sold them at half price will regret their decision soon;

The new company use new company location, new phone/fax numbers, new web site and lot of new employees to continue the business, so remember, don’t look FlashLine as old VIVE, they have totally different concept how to make best product and how to serve better for the customers;

I confirmed that it’s real FREE to get their newest firmware released by the FlashLine company for old VIVE iEnsemble! customers, so don’t worry too much, only email/phone call support and trouble shooting for iEnemble! usage in customers’ applications need buy the technical support package; As I know soon they will have an online Forum system on their website to support all current and old customers by FREE, you just post what problem you have, their suport will reply it on the forum in 72 hours, yes, FREE is always great for users;